Lago Vista Tire and Automotive

Lago Vista Tire and Auto Repair

Lago Vista Tire and Auto Repair is a ground up tire and mechanic facility on one of the main thoroughfares in Lago Vista. From a building point of view, this was a fairly simple project to construct. However, the civil work, as presented by the client, was cost prohibitive. Casey Building Company, along with Jay engineering, were able to come up with an alternative design; which saved enough money to allow the project to be completed. The other challenge was to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing look to a utilitarian building. The use of stone and stucco for the exterior façade of the building, as well as using the rock excavated from the site to create the retaining walls surrounding the parking lot helped achieve a pleasing look to the overall project. The lobby is generous in proportion and inviting to clients waiting for services preformed on their vehicles. The interior of the shop area is very well lit and ventilated. The walls and floor are easy to keep clean, thus allowing an overall neat and organized appearance.