Lago Vista Police Station

Lago Vista Police Station

The Lago Vista Police Department project was solicited by the City as a design / build project from its inception.  The process included a request for qualifications and then a request for bid.

Casey Building Company teamed with Danze and Davis Architects to review the concept drawings provided by the City and plan how to configure the overall design. In their pursuit of the project Donovan Davis, CEO of Danze and Davis and Doug Casey traveled to several Police Departments that had recently had new or expanded facilities to interview their Chiefs. They spent time touring buildings and asking what the staff and officers liked and, more importantly, what they felt could be improved about their police stations. From these discussions, our team was able to design a facility that was larger and more accommodating than the original concept drawings provided for a cost that was in the budget parameters specified by the City.

Highlights of the building consisted of a dispatch area that had flat screen imaging for specific areas of the city as well as to the police cars, a large multi-purpose conference room that could be shared with other City departments with its own climate control system, Holding cells that addressed the juvenile and adult arrestees, a fully enclosed and doored Porte a  Cashe for the private and secure transfer of arrestees to and from the police cars into the processing area. Other significant design elements were a very large evidence room and a full gym for the officers. Additionally the building was designed to accommodate a significant addition if the need were to arise in the future.

The total facility amounted to 8,400 square feet with a fenced parking area for the police cars and employees and additional parking for visitors to the station.

Total Project Cost: $ 1,300,000.00